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Volunteering With Y Bont

We are primarily looking for volunteers who can help us:

In the Playroom
With Administration
With Fundraising

Please contact us if you can help.
Alternatively we can always use your help.
Whether it's help re-painting the walls, cleaning up our facility,
or even coming up with new fundraising ideas.

Fundrainsing For Y Bont

Join the Y Bont Crafter's Club

If you are a crafter and enjoy the idea of making handcrafted items to sell in aid of Y Bont, please contact us for more information and obtain a membership form.
Alternatively, if you have fabrics, balls of wool, or even a button collection that you no longer want, you can donate these to Y Bont's crafter's club. Thank you!

Recycle for Y Bont

If you have clothing, household textiles, pairs of shoes, handbags, toys and jewellery that you no longer want, you can now recycle these in aid of Y Bont.
We are working in partnership with Support Pen-Y-Bont LTD and their new online portal 1 Step 2 Be, Support Pen-Y-Bont is based in Bridgend and you can contact them on tel. 01656 662483 or via to obtain recycling bags and arrange for collection.

Y Bont receives £80 per tonne of recycled materials in this way and this much-needed money goes directly to benefit our children.
There is also a blue drop-off bin outside our premises should you wish to deposit items personally.

In addition to clothing you are able to recycle jewellery (gold, silver and dress), currency, stamps and printer cartridges from the Y Bont facility.
Please contact us for further information.

Make a Difference

Y Bont is a small, Independent Charity and as such we rely heavily on the support of people, groups and businesses to keep our head above water and to continue to improve our unique services.

Each year we face the challenge of raising over £300,000 the majority of which has to be raised by sponsors, via donations.

Gifts in Wills and other fundraising activities.
The help recieved from our wonderful supporters will hopefully enable us to survive.

Contact Us

Get in Touch


    Tel: 01656 646013

    5* Food Hygiene Rating